Room Tariff

Full Cottage: Rs 8500/Per Day-without food (Maximum 6 heads)

1. Toilet Kit (Soap, Towel, Shampoo)

2. Mosquito Repellent/Coil

3. Mosquito Net

4. Extra Matress/Bed (If Needed, Chargeble)

Family Package 1 (Min 4 to Max 10 Heads)

Boarding Day Morning to Next Day Morning
(9am to next day 9am) @2500/- Per Head / Per Day

Morning Tea, Coffee, Biscuit
Breakfast Luchi, Aloo Sabji, Boiled Egg, Misti
Lunch Rice, Dal, Aloo Fry, Bangun Fry, Mixed Vegetable/Aloo Posto, Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Chutni, Misti
Evening Snacks Tea, Biscuit, Muri, Veg Pakora, Chicken Pakora
Dinner Roti, Rice, Dal, Mixed Vegetables, Chicken Curry, Chutni