Room Tariff

Entire Property: Rs 12,200/Per Day-with breakfast for 7 people

1. Suite 1: ₹ 5,200/Per Day- double occupancy with breakfast

2. Room 1: ₹ 4,000/Per Day- double occupancy with breakfast

3. Room 2: ₹ 3,000/Per Day- double occupancy with breakfast

4. Meal package: ₹750per person (Lunch,Evening Tea/coffee & Dinner)

Check in:1pm & Check out:10am

1. Toilet Kit

2. Tea/coffee kit

3. Mosquito Repellent/Coil

4. Packaged drinking water (1000ml *2) in every room

5. RO water available

6. Extra Occupancy (Above 7 years, ₹1,000 with breakfast)

Cancellation and Rescheduling policy:

If cancelled before 48hrs: 10%

If cancelled within 48hrs to 24hrs: 50%

If cancelled less than 24hrs: 100%

If rescheduled before 48hrs: free

If rescheduled within 48hrs to 24hrs: 20%

If rescheduled less than 24hrs: 30%

For Day out/ Picnic, Contact us


Breakfast Luchi, Aloo Sabji*, Egg of choice, Misti*
Lunch Green Salad, Rice, Dal, Aloo Fry/ Bagun Fry*, Mixed Vegetable, Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Chutney*
Dinner Roti or Rice, Dal, Mixed Vegetables, Chicken Curry, Chutney*



Darjeeling Tea ₹80
Masala Chai ₹85
Lemongrass Tea ₹85
Lemongrass with Basil tea ₹85
Italian Moka ₹150
French Press ₹150
Cafe latte ₹160


Veg Platter(serves two) ₹450
Non-Veg Platter ₹500


Luchi/Puri with aloo dum/chholar dal(4pc) ₹80
Indian pancake-2pcs ₹150

LUNCH: 12.30PM-2.30PM

Rice ₹80per plate
Tawa roti ₹15per pc
Plain Dal ₹60
Vegetable Dal ₹70
Aloo Bhaja ₹50
Desi Ghee(2tbsp) ₹35
Postor bora(1pc) ₹150
Chorchori ₹80
Vegetable Curry ₹80
Chhanar/Paneer Dalna ₹110
Pabda/Katla/Parshe Fish Bhapa(1pc) ₹200
Katla fish Kalia(1pc) ₹150
Chingri Malai Curry(2pc) ₹400
Chicken Curry(4pcs) ₹200
Mutton Curry ₹350
Mutton Kasha ₹400


Onion Salad/Green Salad ₹50/60


Chutney ₹70
Rosogolla(2pcs) ₹50
Ice Cream(2 scoops) ₹120