Creative Engagement

  • Open Space for Live Performance and Workshop
  • Weaving Studio : A pit loom with jacquard facilities, spinning and designing of cloths.
  • Dyeing Unit : Natural dyeing of thread and fabric using non -toxic natural dyes , handled by Biome
  • Wood and Metal Workshop : Shape the wood or metal, express yourself.
  • Printing Studio : Etching Press and Wood Block print facilities.
  • Dokra Studio : Get introduced to the lost wax process of metal casting and come up with typical dokra art objects.
  • Jalpath welcomes artists and other creative people from diverse streams of art to visit, stay, engage and work towards excelling their artistic expertise, experiment with various other materials, and make the best use of facilities. Jalpath also invites social work practitioners, nature lovers with creative bent of mind, and teachers with school& college students to visit, observe and engage, and try to render their creative imaginaries within those natural settings.